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We’re willing to give up a lot
but we'd never give up on you!

Vecuisine & Try Vegan

November is all about Try Vegan.

Try what now? Your participation is completely free. Before the start you will receive a Vegan Starter Guide from BeVegan it’s full of inspiration to try the vegan lifestyle for a full month.

As partner of Try Vegan, VECUISINE doing a giveaway. Share and like the giveaway post and make chance to win a trio of Chocolate, Passion Mango and Cassismousse.

Vecuisine to

Yesss! Vecuisine is partnering up with with Lidl. After some quite successful trial periods, we are extremely proud that our delicious vegan mousses are now available at every Lidl store. They’ve become a part of the Vemondo brand.

Since Lidl is always aiming for high-quality products and wants to offer a variety of vegan products, our mousses fit in perfectly.

Discover our new packaging at a Lidl near by you. Different, but the same. The best taste, fully plant-based.

Find a Lidl store in your area here!


More than ever, it is clear that the consumption of animal products has a negative impact on us and our wonderful planet. We have to change our way of consuming, and luckily, you are here to support us being part of that movement. VECUISINE is Belgian’s first brand to produce desserts free from animal products, lactose and gluten. All pure vegan products with only one allergen: soy.

All desserts have been approved by EVA VZW, which means they all have the V-label. Doesn’t matter if your relatives are vegan or have an allergy, you can buy one product for everyone.


To make yummy desserts, with the best taste, and of course plant-based.
We believe in a world where you can eat that delicious dessert you want, without worrying about anything at all. 


Our food is for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you can eat anything you want, you’re allergic to some ingrediënts or your belief tells you not to eat animal products, you’ll always be welcomed at our table.

The same product in a different jacket



This month we’re busy promoting our ‘Free from’ mousses all over Europe. 💚 Because we DO believe that our vegan mousses can be a standard for everyone.
🔜 Nord Organic Food Fair
🔜 Free from Food Expo
🔜 Plant-Based World Expo


We hope and believe that one day, our desserts will be one of the standards for everyone.

That’s why we create yummy desserts with only vegan ingredients, without allergens such as lactose, gluten and without cholesterol, harmless to people and our planet, and most of all: finger lickin’ good!

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Facts &

Already 50% of the Belgian population is willing to give up more animal products in the future. The main reasons they’re doing this, is for our health and environment and to discover new flavours.

Besides the animal consumption, many people are obliged to eat alternatively because of illness or allergies. In Belgium, around one on two hundred has a gluten allergy.

Together with the increasing numbers of lactose intolerance diagnoses, it is clear that this large customer group should not be forgotten. Not to mention the excess cholesterol that is bad for your blood pressure, which increases the risk of kidney, cardiovascular disease.


We are affordable. Our products are for everyone, so we promise that whoever, wherever or whatever you are, you can always enjoy our tastiest desserts.

We are sustainable. We fancy a good relationship with the earth. That’s why we support safe methods of food production that reduce environmental degradation.

We are qualitative. We ensure all of our ingredients are sourced from suppliers known in the industry for providing high-quality vegan ingredients.

We are there, for YOU. We care about our employees, our customers and our communities. If there’s anything, hit us up and let’s chat about it.